Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Employment Branding

The art of attracting and retaining great people is becoming more and more difficult.  Great employees want to work for great organizations and because they are high quality people, they can hold out for only working with the best.  Organizations must consider developing an Employment Brand for their organization in order to attract and retain the best people.  Here is a link to a very interesting article on Employment Branding.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Six Ways to Drive Employee Performance and Motivation

Here is a short blog post on Six Ways to Drive Employee Performance and Motivation.  As you will see from reading this article, these ideas are not new.  They are common sense.  However, as with many things that appear to be common sense, they are often NOT COMMON PRACTICE.

I hope you are following these 6 steps as a leader in your organization.


How Leaders Become Self Aware

A key component to successful leadership is Self Awareness.  This is an interesting blog post on how you can become a self aware leader.

People Insights, Inc. works with organizations in leadership and organizational development to help Executive Teams and key leaders work well together to ensure productivity and maximum organizational success.


WorkSafe BC Develops Discussion Paper on Workplace Bullying

I am working with more and more clients on Respectful Workplace policies and training.  An issue that is more and more a part of the workplace discussion is Workplace Bullying and Harassment.  Worksafe BC is now working on developing policies for dealing with Workplace Bullying in the workplace.  Here is a copy of the discussion paper.

On page 5 of this discussion paper, the employer's obligations in relation to Workplace Bullying and Harassment are outlined in section 6.4.  In preparation for dealing with such issues and as the proper and appropriate course of business, your company should be implementing appropriate policies and training to ensure you have a Respectful Workplace.  Please review to my June 11, 2012 Blog entry to see the approach People Insights takes in this regard to assist organizations in this area.


Monday, July 2, 2012

The Downfall of RIM

Further to my last post, this article summarizes how large companies can make big mistakes.  Lots of lessons to be learned here.  Enjoy this article about the downfall of Research in Motion.  I suggest you evaluate your company to see if you are living any of these pitfalls.


Naysayers sholud never deter innovation

This is a great article about how people try to put down success before it happens.  Yet, in speaking to several consumers at the time, it was amazing to hear how impressed they were with the iPhone when it first hit the market.  It truly redefined the industry.  Companies like Research in Motion (makers of The Blackberry) was probably a naysayer to the iPhone as well.  Their arrogant attitude that they owned the market has cost the company dearly - likely the end of the company.

Some morals from this story:
  • Never be detered from introducing new ideas.  Perserverance is a key to success.
  • Never become complacent thinking that your product or service is the best and will never be improved upon.  Continual innovation is the key to success.