Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Hiring Process

I read an interesting article today truly outlining my progressive view of the hiring process. It continues to amaze me how short term companies think with respect to hiring. There is no investment in the future and the focus is only on hiring when there is a need. I am very concerned that as the world comes out of recession, dissatisfied employees will leave and unprepared organizations will be unable to attract quality people. People Insights had developed several creative ways to avoid the upcoming challenge of finding quality people as the economy improves. It means a bit of investment now that will pay huge dividends when things get better. Imagine being in a position where your organization has NO problem attracting people, even in a tight market for talent.

Friday, April 1, 2011

What can you do to keep great employees

As a bit of a follow up to the last blog entry, here are some ideas you can consider to keep employees as minimum wage increases in BC.

Check it out.

Minimum Wage Increases

How do minimum wage increases in BC affect your business? For most businesses, this is not an issue, however, small retail businesses can be hurt by increased labour costs. Although some would argue against the planned rapid increases in the minimum wage in BC, it is a fact that this is currently the lowest minimum wage in our country. So, what are the biggest issues.

Most wages in BC are already above the proposed new minimum wages. There are feelings that the new increases will prompt employees to ask for increases based on the minimum wage increases. Based on past experience, this is generally not the case. In previous minimum wage increases, most wages do not increase. Although lower paid individuals may request an increase, their choice is either to accept what they are making or move to another organization. However, the competitive free market has already created a higher wage than minimum already, so it will be the market that will determine the price of labour. Given that, the increase in minimum wage should not have any significant increase in market rates for lower paying jobs.

In order to overcome these perceived challenges, organizations only need to ensure that they have a great work atmosphere for their employees. This will be discussed in a future blog, but, alas, there is no need to worry about the new minimum wage in BC.